Friday 1st September-Sunday 3rd September


Friday: Hilton Stockholm Slussen

Guldgränd 8, Stockholm, 10465

Saturday & Sunday

Brunkebergstorg 6, 111 51 Stockholm, Sweden

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be time, location and financially free?

I’ve got a funny feeling you have, and that's why you’re here…  

My name is Clint X Morgan,

Just a few short years ago my wife and I hosted an event. 

It was a humble experience with just 33 committed souls, who wanted to expand, launch their online business and step into more wealth and freedom.

We had a feeling something big was about to go down, but we couldn’t have predicted what was to happen next for our online community and our way of life. 

Something shifted for us and everyone who was at that event, so much so that just a few short years later many who attended that event are now completely financially free. 

We’ve now hosted several different events over the years, and it’s become quite predictable what happens to those that attend.

They expand & catapult into the stratosphere, and create their dream life. 

They step into the 2.0 version of themselves. 


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Let’s take a look at the lineup of speakers. 


Founder of Financially Free Females is a revolutionary leader, paving the way for many women around the globe to create financial freedom in the online space. She’s a mother of 3, and has mastered the juggle between raising a family and creating a thriving business that gives her true time and financial freedom.
A visionary leader, and after creating financial freedom in the online space, and support hundred of others do the same he realised it was his lifelong dream to become a musician, so he spends his days creating a performing music, and supporting others to create financial freedom so they can have the time and resources to fuel their passions.
A multiple award winning writer, speaker, brand storyteller, and educato, Tariq synthesizes a unique ability to take complex ideas and challenging concepts and make them instantly memorable, relatable, and understandable. He has been featured in TEDx, The Stockholm School of Economics, and presented in sold out festivals and retreats around the world.
Maneka has always been active to expose the truth of what is really going on in our world on many levels. She has since 2005 worked with scientists, activists and international organisations that share this vision and is at present working internationally as a leader to raise the awareness about the protection of our inalienable rights, supporting the building of sustainable local communities and the right to clean optimal water.
Maria is a self love activist & a stands for women’s power, voice & message. She supports, activates & inspires women to live a life with freedom of choice — heart led & soul aligned. Four years ago Maria was a burnt out 28year old preschool teacher, with no time, energy & money to live her life as she wanted. She had a line in the sand moment, found this business, quit her job after 6 moths & have never looked back.
Balazs W Kardos has directly helped more than 2,000 people 
quit their jobs and find the freedom they’ve always wanted to live 
their very own Diamond Life. Balazs is a committed mentor, coach, visionary leader, and family man. He hopes to create massive waves of prosperity across the globe 
by helping people from all walks of life build the life of their dreams.
Victor is all about living a free life. He believes that everyones vision and dreams are possible, if you are committed and put in the work. The last years he has focused on creating a his own vision with his partner Maria and today they live a life they once had on their visionboard. Victor has several years of entrepreneurship in experience and realized that you need to look for the things that can actually bring you more freedom. Things like automation, high profits, and duplication. Victor co-founded The Liberated Life because he is passionated about supporting other people succeed in the online so they can too can have more freedom, choice, finances and purpose. Because from this space, a new level of life begins.
7-Figure Manifestation & Business Coach International Speaker & #1 Best Selling Author. Alex has a big mission. And this is to raise the vibration of humanity on a global scale by supporting amazing humans just like you so we can collectively create a RIPPLE EFFECT and shift into a new earth where freedom, abundance and full self-expression is the norm!   The way she does this is by equipping you with powerful, very practical & tangible tools on how to QUANTUM SHIFT your reality – where Alex beautifully blends science & spirituality so you get the best of both worlds – the science & quantum physics behind the manifestation, AND the business systems & strategies that will have you scale & grow gracefully!   Alex has worked with thousands of people around the globe, and toured Australia multiple times with my sold-out workshops globally including: ‘Raise Your Vibration’ and ‘The Subatomic Shift’ and ‘The Manifestation Codes’… and now she’s ready to rock your world by changing it from the INSIDE, OUT and sharing with you the most transformative tools that RADICALLY SHIFTED her REALITY!

The Fast Track!

I've been to enough events over the last decade to know without a shadow of a doubt, “something happens” within these events. 

Something shifts within. 

Something is ignited. 

We come out of the 2 day experience with a sense of clarity. 

With confidence. Version 2.0 is activated. 

We hit the ground running, and create momentum, and magic within our own business, and success is drawn to us in miraculous ways. 

That’s a BIG promise, I know. It’s the truth.

The good news is...

This same thing is about to happen in Europe, in a city called Stockholm. 

At…. “The Wild & Free Festival In Sweden.”

You see, there is a small group of committed people who have been working away on something truly magical. 

Creating a life of freedom. 

We’ve cracked the online marketing code, and found a way which makes the process of making money online simpler than ever before. 

And, we’re ready to share with you the RoadMap!

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It’s the truth

Many people within our global community would even argue that the key to success in your online business is simply by attending these events…

Of course there's work that needs to happen after the event, but the event is where the engine is turned on, and you come out with a burning desire, passion and a knowing to do what needs to be done. 

So, Are you in? 

The Wild & Free Festival Tickets

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General Tickets

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International Water Awareness

Own Your Beat.

Saturday & Sunday Training Days.

The Wild & Free Celebration Event Saturday Evening.

Sunday Evening: 4A Exclusive Event. (Must be 4A to qualify.)

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V.I.P Tickets (Limited)

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Front Row Seating or Access.

International Water Awareness.

Own Your Beat.

Saturday & Sunday Training Days.

The Wild & Free Celebration Event Saturday Evening.

Recoding of Content.***

Exclusive VIP Q&A Lunch Saturday.

Exclusive Pre-Event Mastermind Call.

Sunday Evening: 4A Exclusive Event. (Must be 4A to qualify.)

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Saturday Celebrations

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Saturday Evening Celebration Event.

Includes Own Your Beat!

Come and celebrate with us, the results that have been created and the results that will be created from The Wild & Free Festival in Sweden.

Bring a friend!

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