Expand Your Potential & Open Up to New Levels Of Prosperity

The Magic 8

An exclusive and intentional condensed coaching container for Enagic distributors within The Freedom Era Community.

Magic 8

This is an intensive 8 week coaching experience for the 1A - 6A Enagic distributor who is looking to up level their potential, expand their possible and step into new ways of thinking and being in your Enagic business, that only can be transmitted by someone like Clint who has an incredibly powerful and unique way of activating the potential within. 

Hey Legend, Clint here...

When I started with Enagic 9 years ago, I was broke, down and out, and didn't have the confidence or money mindset required to build a successful business. Even though I had done lots of personal development work, it was through paving the way with Enagic and some really deep internal work, did the Magic in Enagic really begin to open up in my life. 

Expand Your Potential & Open Up to New Levels Of Prosperity
Expand Your Potential & Open Up to New Levels Of Prosperity
Expand Your Potential & Open Up to New Levels Of Prosperity

It hasn't been an easy journey, but it's been transformative, and opened up so much for me in terms of prosperity, possibility thinking, and the inner fulfillment from creating a global legacy. 

As a visionary I saw what was going to happen with Enagic today 9 years ago when I got started, and what I can see now for the next 9 years, is even more exciting, and I know we will see massive growth, andl see even more people win. 

I've set up an 8 week container to support you with a whole mind-body shift, so you can take advantage and set yourself up powerfully to have success and leverage the huge growth curve about to happen. 

Throughout the 8 weeks I'll support with...

A Fundamental Inner Shift.
Sales Confidence
An Abundant Mindset
Stepping Up & Into Leadership

As well as

Letting go of scarcity
Moving to the next rank in your business
Letting go of limitations

I'll work with you in this group of up to 88 people, with my intention to support you to have a quantum leap and open up to True Prosperity & Magic In Enagic. 

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