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Finding my financial freedom

Finding my financial freedom


I’m Clint X Morgan. I’ve been on the entrepreneurial journey since 2008 where I started as a personal trainer on a mission to create freedom in my life. 

In business, finally being the creator of my schedule, and also helping people have transformation in their life, I found fulfilment but the whole money and freedom thing always eluded me.  

After reading the 4 hour workweek by Tim Ferris, he shared that most people start a business and try and fit their lifestyle around it, where what you want to do is get crystal clear on the lifestyle you want then find a business that supports that lifestyle. 

Which had me realise that the gym I had opened would never give me the lifestyle I was seeking… At the time I had a client who was a successful network marketer and she just seemed so happy, and had the money and freedom to really enjoy her life. 

Seeing her inspired me to begin my own journey in the network marketing space. My first company I barely made $100 per month, but I learnt so much, and am grateful for the experience. 

It opened up my mind to network marketing, that when the business that I shared in this masterclass landed on my lap in 2015 I knew I had something powerful. 

It ticked all the boxes, a product that people wanted, something I really believed in, that helped people, was a high ticket product and the compensation was next level! 

So much so that in my first month I made 3 times the money I have made in the past 18 months in my prior network marketing business. 

It’s been a wild ride, and I’m stoked to say that over the last 9 years my wife and I have created a financial legacy, and now live a life beyond our wildest dreams. 

I’m excited to see if you see the same thing I did 9 years ago, and go on to create your financial legacy for you and your family. . 

As cliche as it may sound, I know if I can go from being broke, to financial freedom in less than a decade then so can you. 


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