You won’t find another flight that fly's direct from Australia to Okinawa and you won’t find another flight full of legends like this one!

We fly direct to Okinawa Japan 

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The Freedom Express Airline Flight to Okinawa, Japan

The Retreat at 40,000 Feat

We are beyond excited to welcome you to Freedom Express (Freedom X) the worlds first complete transformational airline experience.

Join us as we take flight from Brisbane to Okinawa for the 50th anniversary Enagic event to the roots of Mr Oshiros vision in his hometown and the birthplace of Enagic.

This will be a flight like no other.

We always find some of our most creative flow comes when we’re 40,000 feet in the air, now imagine getting intentional, creating our vision, and activating the next level version of ourselves together as we fly high to Okinawa Japan for the event of the century.

We have two seat types and traditionally these would be called ‘Business and Economy’ however all seats on Freedom Express are a profound experience and so these two experiences are named Gold & Platinum respectively.

All you need to know...


When you say transformational experience what do you mean?

We will utilise the flight time and collective energy to set intentions, lay some strong foundations, and lay out your express path to freedom, utilising some of the best tools we have including certain practices, activations, meditations, Richuals and vibe boosters to make it the most high vibe flight of your life. I’m no scientist but I’m going to make the assumption this will reduce boredom on your flight, reduce jet lag, and loss of energy normally associated with long haul flights.

Can I bring my family and children?

Absolutely Freedom Express is a family friendly airline, and will be a great way to fly to immerse them in the philosophy of The Freedom Era and Enagic.

Will I have time to rest and read my book on the flight?

Absolutely, it will be the perfect balance of fun, entertainment, upgrades, and relaxation.

Will Kangen water be served on the flight

Yes! Yay!

Will this be a legit plane?

Absolutely, it’s and Airbus 330/200 which is what many major airlines use for their international flights.

Can I do a payment plan?

Yes, we’ll need to secure 50% of the ticket price upfront to hold your seats and the balance paid 45 days before departure. However if you can pay in full upfront please do it will make it easier for our team to manage the flight and budget.

I noticed I can get a Jetstar flight for about half the price

Yes you can, and Jetstar is a budget airline, and doesn’t serve Kangen Water and although you’ll gain massive upgrades at the Enagic convention you’ll miss out on an amazing, first ever, once in a lifetime experience with Freedom Express and The Freedom Era Team. You’re paying a little extra and the experience will be worth it.

I’m unsure if this is the best way to travel to Japan

I’d do it for the Kangen Water alone, but if that doesn’t get you. Think of the content, think of the story, think of who you’re surrounding yourself with, think of the time you’ll save flying direct, and think of the wealth upgrades you’ll experience. Did I mention we are serving Kangen Water?

Is this just one way? How do I get home? 

Yes it’s a one way flight, as many people are going travelling after or going to Europe, so please ensure you make your own travel plans after the Enagic 50 year anniversary event.

Freedom Express Ticket Options

Business Class

Platinum: 27 Seats available

This is your premium experience where you will enjoy a fully reclining flat bed, with space and luxury so you can travel in comfort. You’ll be around other top earners within the space enjoying some of the best water the world has to offer and two meals to nourish your body.

You’ll be right up the front with all the action, and take part in our transformative airline personal growth experience.

Platinum: AUD$6185 (including taxes and levies) 


Gold: 224 Seats

Here you’ll be in a cabin amongst 223 other like minded souls on a mission towards legacy and full financial sovereignty. You’ll be inspired, sky high to explore some of your wildest dreams and ground in your most prosperous timeline.

You’ll be fed amazing food, with world class Kangen Water with the intention to arrive at your destination alive and nourished.

So whether you’re flying Platinum or Gold you’ll be having an amazing experience in the collective energy of like minded souls on a mission to create legacy within the Enagic space. Book your seat now, as spaces are limited.

Gold: AUD$2185 (including taxes and levies)

Platinum Class Ticket

Ticket Includes:

Business Class Seat

Unlimited Kangen Water on Flight

One Way Express Flight from Australia (Brisbane International Airport) to Okinawa, Japan

✓ Free-X Airline Special Edition Gift Box

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Gold Class Ticket

Ticket Includes:

Economy Seat

Unlimited Kangen Water on Flight

One Way Express Flight from Australia ((Brisbane International Airport)) to Okinawa, Japan

✓ Free-X Airline Special Edition Gift Box

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Save Your Seat Ticket

This ticket serves as your reservation for a seat on the Freedom X Airlines flight to Okinawa, Japan.

Free-X Airline Special Edition Gift Box

Gift Box Includes:

Note Pad & Pen

Sleep Mask

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